IMOU QSG Cell Go 太阳能套件 Buitencamera

IMOU QSG Cell Go 太阳能套件 Buitencamera



  • This Imou solar panel is only applicable to Imou products.
  • 在允许的湿度和温度下运输、使用和储存设备。
  • 请勿将太阳能电池板安装在与地面平行或有任何物体阻挡阳光的地方。
  • 避免将设备安装在电磁辐射较强的地方。
  • 请勿以任何方式拆卸或弯曲太阳能电池板。
  • Make sure that the panel is clear of dust, dirt, and any type of debris.
  • Regularly wipe the solar panel to remove dust or debris.
  • 使面板远离任何液体,以免损坏内部组件。
  • Do not heat the solar panel or put it into tire.
  • 请勿刺破、撞击或在太阳能电池板上施加重物。
  • The operating temperature range of the mounting bracket is from -20 °C to +65 °C (-4 °F to+ 149 °F).


Q: Why does the solar panel stop charging the battery-powered cameras?
A: If the solar panel is not keeping your camera charged, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the charging cable and reinsert it into the solar panel to ensure the connection between both devices is stable.
  • Make sure that your solar panel is aimed toward the sun and is not obstructed by buildings, plants or other objects.
  • Make sure that your camera is not in temperatures below O °C (32 °F) or above 45 °C (113 °F).



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